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Welcome to „FutureDRV”

FutureDRV is a 3-year project implemented by partners from six European countries in order to research on the future of professional driving.

There are major changes within and related to the job of professional driving ahead of us, and these changes  need to be planned for and supported by vocational education and training  to reach its full potential. These changes require actions to avoid a further increase in today’s major deficit of skilled workers in the profession, which continues to belong in the top ten jobs that employers have difficulty filling today and during the last decade. For this reason it is of major importance to think ahead of time and to develop a future vision of the profession with consideration for megatrends, trends and innovations that will influence this occupational profile.

The FutureDRV project investigates the future of professional driving by taking a look into the tasks and role of professional drivers and their qualification requirements in 2030 and beyond. FutureDRV recognises the pathway towards a well-qualified future workforce as a joint effort between different groups of stakeholders.

FutureDRV understands the way towards a well-qualified future workforce within professional driving as a joined effort that requires the engagement of different groups of stakeholders. It approaches not only a single set of competences or measures to be addressed/ undertaken by an individual stakeholder with its approach but takes this occupation as a whole into the focus. It, therefore, approaches the future of professional driving from different angles in order to address those aspects sufficiently and comprehensively.

FutureDRV develops ...

Throughout its three-year duration the project partners investigate different dimensions of professional drivers future skill requirements in order to develop a comprehensive set of tools and recommendations supporting social partners, education providers, policy makers and further relevant stakeholders to ensure a well-skilled workforce of professional drivers capable of handling the changes and innovations ahead of them. The following outcomes will be developed:

The project consortium develops a FutureDRV PROFILE describing the professional driver, their future role and the related knowledge, skills and competences within the 4th industrial revolution. The FutureDRV profile aspires to become a major point of reference on the future skills needs within professional driving during the next 15 to 20 years and will be based on the already existing ProfDRV profile.

Exemplary FutureDRV LEARNING SOLUTIONS are developed that support the current workforce to keep up with the changing and increasing qualification requirements. These learning solutions take up trends within learning and adapt them to the characteristics of professional drivers. Flagship solutions are developed pointing the way towards the future of competence-building as part of lifelong learning.

The FutureDRV RECOMMENDATIONS address different stakeholders such as social partners and VET providers with suggestions on how to prepare professional drivers for future requirements. They identify actions for individual EU Members States in order to take the systems characteristics into account. Finally they address European policy and its role within preparing professional drivers for the future.

A FutureDRV TIMELINE makes trends and innovations transparent and recognises their interrelation with the qualification requirements for drivers. It sets out a timeframe to these upcoming changes and defines the responsibilities and steps to be taken by different stakeholders. The timeline is therefore a key tool for policy making, vocational education training and career planning in the context of professional driving.

Open Education Resources

All project results are available as Open Education Resources under the license as indicated at the actual result in the result section.

The FutureDRV partners

The FutureDRV project is implemented by a consortium of six partners representing different kind of key players in the field of professional driver qualification. Those are:

Project coordinator: DEKRA Akademie GmbH (DE)

Partner: 3srl (AT), AFT (FR), DEKRA Akademie Kft. (HU), StageIT (SE), Transformotion (UK)

Associated partner: CORTE, ETF, IRU, CILT (UK), e-educatio (HU)


Project flyer (EN, DE, FR, SE, HU) - Project presentation

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