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FutureDRV Advisory Network

The FutureDRV project is supported by an Advisory Network composed of experts, stakeholders and end users of our project results. This are among others researchers, employers, representatives of social partners, drivers themselves or representatives of competent bodies and policy. The Advisory Network supports the consortium by answering short polls and attending virtual meetings on crucial topics related to project work.

Call for the FutureDRV Advisory Network

FutureDRV understands the way towards a well-qualified future workforce within professional driving as a joined effort that requires the engagement of different groups of stakeholders. It approaches not only a single set of competences or measures to be addressed/ undertaken by an individual stakeholder with its approach but takes this occupation as a whole into the focus. It, therefore, approaches the future of professional driving from different angles in order to address those aspects sufficiently and comprehensively.

In order to ensure that different perspectives are continuously considered within FutureDRV, we - the FutureDRV consortium - are looking for members of our Advisory Network that provides feedback and food for thought at crucial points of project development. Advisory Network members will be invited to short polls on concrete questions that come up during project work as well as to virtual meetings with the consortium partners in order to discuss concrete challenges. Advisory Network members can be listed as project supporters on the FutureDRV website.

Please register for our FutureDRV Advisory Network by using the provided registration form alternatively you can also send an e-mail to claudia.ball@dekra.com in order to join the Advisory Network.

Thank you very much for your support!

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