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Presenting preliminary results at STR´s yearly Conference for Heavy Driving Instructors in Stockholm (SE)

The 3:rd of September, StageIT represented the FutureDRV project at the STR conference in Stockholm, Sweden. The visitors were really interested in the preliminary results, especially considering their own working role is depending of the future of Professional drivers.

Andreas Silfverberg presented the initial outcomes and at the same time asked the instructors regarding their

personal opinion on the subject. It was interesting to see that 90% of the instructors agree that 20 years from now, the drivers will have a completely new way of working and routines. 10% of the instructors thought that the driver profession actually wouldn´t change that much from today! After the presentation there was time for questions, and not surprisingly, most of them related to autonomous trucks. The experts do not agree when they are asked about what year fully automated vehicles will cruise our roads.

The driving instructors also differed somewhat, only 10 per cent believed that the trucks will be fully autonomous in 20 years from now!

In Sweden there´s a huge demand of new drivers, and the presentation did probably not scare any instructors that they will loose their job in the future. There is a lack of heavy driving instructors, thus rendering incredible lot of work for the next 5 to 10 years.

Before ending the presentation, the two pilot trainings covering Driver Communication and Cargo Securing were presented. STR really likes the concept of motivating digital training so one last question was thrown at the audience: "How many of you believe in Serious Gaming as a training method within the transports business?” (only one instructor raised his hand). Yes, we still have a long way to go!  

Andreas Silfverberg, StageIT, Producer of Digital training software