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Future DRV

WT 1 - Monitoring and manoeuvring the vehicle
WT 2 - Performing pre-departure tasks
WT 3a - Loading and unloading
WT 3b - Passenger Safety
WT 4 - Planning driving times and routes
WT 5 - Maintenance of vehicle and vehicle combinations
WT 6 - Digitalised and automated work records
WT 7 - Specialisations
TWT A - Customer relations
TWT B - Cooperation with supervisers, colleagues, authorities and the public
TWT C - Occupational health and safety and a healthy lifestyle
TWT D - Continuous vocational education and training
WT 1.1 - Monitoring a vehicle on the road
WT 1.2 - Behaviour after/during accidents and emergency situations on the road (entry level)
WT 2.1 - Work with GPS, toll and other kinds of digital devices
WT 3a.1 - Handling of pre-loaded load carriers and related automated systems
WT 3b.1 - Passenger safety and safe transport of baggage
WT 3b.2 - Handling passenger rights
WT 6.1 - Handling profession records
WT 6.2 - Controlling driving times and rest periods
WT 6.3 - Controlling daily work and record keeping
TWT A.1 - Communication and behaviour with costumers (entry level)
TWT A.2 - Handling complaints and conflicts with customers (entry level)
TWT A.3 - Customer Service in busses/coaches (entry level)
TWT B.1 - Behaviour during stop-and-search operations of authorities and with inspectors (entry level)
TWT B.2 - Behaviour in violent situations caused by others
TWT C.1 - Assessment of personal physical and mental state and, if necessary, initiation of appropriate measures
TWT C.2 - Compliance with occupational health and safety measures
TWT D.1 - Updating vocational knowledge, skills and competences according to legal requirements

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