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This eLearning is a digital role-playing that let you apply for a job as a truck driver. In just 5 days, you´re going to prove that you really are a professional driver.

This communicational skills training can be used by drivers to assess their communications skills:

  • Day 1: Your role as an ambassador (why communicational and behavior is important)
  • Day 2: Solution Oriented Approached Communication
  • Day 3: Give and Receive Feedback
  • Day 4: Handling conflicts at work
  • Day 5: Closing the loop (All above)

The eLearning course takes about 60 minutes to complete and has a narrative story which encourages completion of all 5 levels. The course can be used in classroom, where the teacher shows an example and the group jointly discusses the issue and agrees on an answer. It can also be used individually or in teams to start a great dialogue in training.

A download package is available in the download area, available as open education ressources (CC BY 4.0 license) to be used freely within education contexts.

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